There is No Crying in Running

30 Jan

Sunrise over Swan & Dolphin during one of my first WDW Marathon training runs

In August 2012, I did one of my first Walt Disney World training runs while on travel for a work event.  Ironically my work that week was at the Swan & Dolphin, so I hit up the Boardwalk, ran by Hollywood Studios and got a glimpse of Epcot – the same grounds I would cover 26.2 miles months later. The run was therapeutic. It was early in the morning, I saw the sun rise over Disney World and it made me feel so refreshed for a 2nd full week of producing virtual training events (my cool job!)

Through all my training I realized there is something to be said about positive energy you get after running. It’s a small chunk of life when you are really “free.” What better way to experience a city scene, a country road, or if you are as lucky as I have been, the “happiest place on earth.”

All that positive training energy went straight to my head because the night before our marathon my running crew (Team Tink!) and I had a conversation that can be summed up in 5 words, “I don’t cry when I run.”  Sure runs are not all positive & “freeing,” they can be painful, too hot, too cold, you can have aches in places you didn’t know existed, you may feel like you are dying of exhaustion… but we are tough and proud and “we don’t cry.”

Before mile 18 of the WDW Marathon Nikki and I were on target to finish under 4:30. I had been pretty confident I would get under that.  The sun, the heat, the new aches & pain… by mile 20 I just wanted to finish and my goal time went out the window. Somewhere after mile 20 Nikki said, “ok, I may cry at the end of this marathon” (this was her second marathon!) My response was, “can I cry now?”

Team Tink Fan Club

Team Tink Fan Club

At mile 24 of the WDW Marathon I was running on the Boardwalk, where months before I had done my 9 mile training run. The sense of how much has changed in the passing months since was overwhelming. I was greeted with a chill (that may have been due to dehydration, but that is a story for another day). In just 2 miles I would cross the finish at my first marathon. Months before I didn’t dream of such a thing. In fact, 2 miles before I thought I couldn’t go on and there I was – still running side-by-side with Nikki… I thought, “we ARE doing this… Ok, maybe I don’t have a reason to cry.”

2(.2) miles later I crossed the finish line – I did it. At that moment there was a tear. Steps later I was greeted with my medal – proof I did it. Ah, another tear. Seconds later I saw my best friend decked out in Team Tink gear and Minnie ears, our good friend Todd in tow. They were both jumping up and down. Yup, another tear – my people were proud.

So running did make me cry.  Only at my first marathon, right? My next marathon I won’t cry…

With Heart & Sole,



One Response to “There is No Crying in Running”

  1. alligill April 12, 2013 at 9:48 am #

    Wow! I did my first RunDisney race this year, and eve though it was only a 5K, I had a BLAST! I can’t imagine how fulfilling a whole marathon must have been! Congrats!

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