Lucky in the Lottery

20 Mar

When I signed up for the WDW marathon, I was convinced it would be my one and only, by the 18 mile training run, I had fallen in love with the training routine and I knew there had to be another. On that run “Team Tink” and I decided that Chicago 2013 would mark our 2nd marathon (3rd for Nikki).

So the day for sign-ups came, Chicago fills up quickly and we all knew we had to be ready to register the moment it opened. Work was particularly busy that day and I lost track of time. Then it hit me, “Crap!” I had been waiting for that day for months now and I was very late logging in to register. For those that don’t know, Chicago Marathon registration day was a disaster. The system crashed (along with my confidence that I would be running with my group). The thought of “Team Tink” crossing the finish line in Chicago on October 13, 2013 without me was devastating. That afternoon I learned that they were all in and I was not. Every day after I patiently (ok, not so patiently) waited for the news on how Chicago would handle their “crash of 2013.” Most of you know they opened a lottery. Last Tuesday at 3:00am I was rejected.

So how was a “lucky” in the lottery? My rejection opened a new door – to run with purpose, greater than my own. This year, I will be running the 2013 Chicago Marathon. I will run it with Salute Inc., a non-profit organization in Chicago that strives to meet the financial, physical and emotional needs of the military service members, veterans and their families.

Everyday I work with VA medical staff who strive to improve veteran healthcare. The dedication amazes and motivates me. I listen to the stories, witness the dedication and hear about the struggles endured by veterans and their families. The fact that I am able to dedicate my 2013 training to those who fought the real battle, well I think that’s pretty lucky.

With Heart & Sole,



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