A Runner’s Bond

27 Mar

If you read Magic & Misery: an Introduction to my 1st Marathon you learned about Team Tink and you briefly met three of my best runner friends- Stacia, Nikki & Jill. Without them my journey to my next marathon would not be happening. As I share my running journey I think it’s important to introduce you to these three…

With Stacia after my very 1st Road Race!

With Stacia after my very 1st Road Race!

Meet Stacia – I have known Stacia the longest. We went through the awkward years together and came out as close as ever. A little over 2 years ago Stacia and I went to her house in Cape Cod to run a 10k in Hyannis, MA. Apparently I hadn’t shared with Stacia that the race would be my first, ever – until the ride down. She mentally prepped me so that my pre-race nerves were minimal at best (although a 10k in the snow wasn’t a logical first road race scenario!) Little did I know that day marked the beginning of a healthy addiction. Months later Stacia motivated me to complete my first half marathon (from signing up to crossing the finish line.) Stacia has always provided me an outlet both on and off the pavement. Thank you Stacia, for not only prompting almost every one of my running milestones to date, but for also guiding me when I need it most.


Nikki & I cross the finish

Nikki & I cross the finish at the WDW Marathon

Meet Nikki – It is no exaggeration to say that running reunited Nikki and I and brought us closer than ever.  Nikki and I both did Team in Training last year and decided to fundraise together with her brother Jay. Since then she has become a true motivator. Running with Nikki by my side has made me faster and stronger. Nikki makes me strive for goals I never thought possible. When I crossed the finish line during my last PR, she was the first person I wanted to tell. I am pretty lucky to have Nikki a mile run down the road from me because runs with her always start my days off better. Thank you Nikki, for inspiring me, pushing me and for being my coach, both in running and in life.


At Jill's Bachelorette!

At Jill’s Bachelorette!

Meet Jill – Flashback to Freshman year at Merrimack College, Jill and I and some of our best college friends rocking out to Madonna. That pretty much set the tone for our next four years. We were as close as family and saw each other “through it all.” After college we all went our ways to “figure out” our dreams. Flash Forward to this past spring at Jill’s Bachelorette party- that marked the first time our crew was back together since college. I will never forget that weekend, not only because we were all together again, but because Jill agreed to join our quest to finish the 2013 WDW Marathon. Jill and I found a new connection through running – one that will continue to grow for years to come. Thank you Jill, for proving that, despite years apart, friendships can grow stronger.

How have your runner friends inspired you?  Have you been able to reunite with friends through running?

I really can’t wait to get back on a running routine with these girls. They each have exemplified the quote, “that’s what friends are for” and I am so lucky that another season of marathon training right around the corner!

With Heart & Sole,



5 Responses to “A Runner’s Bond”

  1. Kelly March 27, 2013 at 5:33 pm #

    I wish I lived so much closer so that I could be apart of this! I am so proud of you girls! Love you

    • erinhynes March 28, 2013 at 2:07 pm #

      We do too! Thanks for reading Kel. Xo.

  2. Nikki March 28, 2013 at 1:53 am #

    Love! 4 hour long runs really do bring people closer than ever 🙂 So thankful for the time we get to spend running together.

    • erinhynes March 28, 2013 at 2:08 pm #

      Looking forward to Saturday!!

  3. Debbie Hynes April 12, 2013 at 2:32 pm #

    Thank you Erin, for sharing such inspiring stories. All you girls are amazing, and have accomplished so much together. Wishing you all great success in future runs!

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