Boston Strong. United We Run.

17 Apr

Anger. Confusion. Sadness. These emotions flow as details from the Boston Marathon unfold.

Like many others, I feel heartbreak mixed with gratitude & a sense of pride…
Heartbreak for the victims, their families, the runners, the witnesses.
Gratitude for the heroes, the first responders and all of Boston’s Medical staff.
Pride for the strength of Boston, my city, my home.

Processing this tragedy has been impossible for everyone. As a Bostonian, my city has been attacked. As a runner, my community has been attacked.

Every runner knows that crossing the finish line at a race is a moment unlike any other. All the training, the miles, the sweat, the work – it all leads up to that finish. Crossing the finish line at the Boston Marathon is a moment that most only dream of. This attack crushed dreams. It took lives and it changed lives. It scared people and it hurt people. It robbed us, it angered us, it saddened us.

But this attack will NOT tear us down… It will only make us stronger.

I grew up going to the Boston Marathon. I live down the street from Copley. I walked by the finish line just 2 nights before the attack. The Boston Marathon has always symbolized Patriot’s Day, a new season, victory, accomplishment, a reason for celebration, and, for me, a secret running dream. Moving forward, the Boston Marathon will do all that – and more… because united Boston stands.

So runners, now when we run, let’s run together. Let’s run for Martin and his family, for Krystle and her Boston Marathon support, for the student studying in this great city all the way from China. Let’s run for the victims that lie in hospital beds, injured and bruised. And finally, let’s run for those that didn’t cross the finish line on Marathon Monday, a moment that was robbed from thousands. When we cross our next finish, let’s do it for them.

“You messed with the wrong city” has been said and will be said again. We are Boston and we are strong. We are runners and we are strong.

With Heart & Sole,



Thank you to Sandra LaFlamme (@organicrunmom) for this beautiful image!


2 Responses to “Boston Strong. United We Run.”

  1. Liza May 18, 2013 at 8:28 pm #

    May God Bless you, for this article. Let us all remember that not all people of the same culture, race, and religion of the Boston Brothers act the same as them.
    As I continue praying for the victims, I also pray for the Bostonians.

    • erinhynes May 21, 2013 at 3:25 am #

      Thanks for the prayers Liza… And thank you for reading. God Bless!

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