Boston is Full of Heroes

25 Apr
Scene from Castle Island on this evening's run. (Picture taken by runner friend Nikki Imbergamo)

Scene from Castle Island on this evening’s run. (Picture taken by runner friend Nikki Imbergamo)

Tonight I ran from the heart of Boston to the outskirts of the city.  I saw a view of a perfect skyline. I witnessed people running, biking, boating, walking. Boston was out and everyone seemed busy. Just as with any loss, life must go on.  I remember after my dad passed away, for days I was surrounded by friends & family, flower deliveries were endless, my mailbox was full of cards. Days later it all stopped. I was still mourning, yet everyone was back to business as usual. As difficult as it was, life went on.

Boylston Street

Boylston Street Memorial

Boylston street, the scene of the tragic marathon event opened today back up today and from what I hear the street slowly populated with city residents, visitors, students & city workers. The sun was shining and Boston started falling back into a routine… Yet, on the other side of the city MIT, law enforcement, family & friends were all mourning the loss of Sean Collier as he was laid to rest. It is clear by the stories floating across the world that Officer Collier was special, a true hero in every sense of the word. Boston seems to be full of true heroes these days. There are endless stories recounting the most beautiful acts of kindness, immense strength, true selflessness & incredible outreach of support. If we didn’t know it before, we sure know it now – this community is Boston Strong.

"Boston if Full of Heroes" Seen at the Boston Marathon Memorial on Boylston Street

“Boston if Full of Heroes” (Sign at Boylston Street Memorial)

What stories have you heard? Maybe you have one of your own to share. I read a runner’s personal account of her finish, just a minute after the tragedy, I heard a story of a marathoner presenting their finisher medal to a first responder at the scene, I have seen pictures of victims comforting each other in hospital rooms, I witnessed the memorial where thousands of people payed tribute to innocent lives lost. For months and years to come we will will be hearing stories of 2013 Marathon Monday and the aftermath.

As Boston rebuilds, so should our gratitude for each and every hero this city has raised.

With Heart & Sole,



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