Truly a Run to Remember

29 May
photo (11)

Boston’s Run to Remember, 2013

Sunday I ran one of my best half marathons to date.  I didn’t break a personal record (didn’t even come close), I didn’t feel my best, I was totally unprepared and I knew the route a little too well. So what made it the best race? The reason I ran, the people I ran with, the city I ran through.

On Sunday I ran Boston’s 9th annual Run to Remember, a race to honor fallen heroes, specifically law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. With all that this city has endured, the run seemed like an appropriate way to spend my Memorial Day weekend.  As the weekend approached I became increasingly nervous about this race.  It was the first time I had registered for 2 half marathons 1 month apart from each other.  In the 4 weeks that separated my half in DC (We Ran Dc) and Boston’s Run to Remember, my training plan suffered.  Sure I ran, a few miles here and a few there, but never did I near miles reaching the double digits… and to be honest, I never really had a training plan – I just ran.

Bib Pick-Up with Lauren

Bib Pick-Up

Memorial Day weekend approached and my stomach ached with uneasiness about the approaching half marathon. On our way to pick up our bibs, my friend Lauren and I decided it made perfect sense to drop down to the 5 mile option. So as we made our way in the pouring run to the expo it was settled and my fear was gone. Upon walking in, I was overcome with emotion.  Tributes to our heroes lined the walls. Names of officers no longer with us today stared me in the face. Flashing blue lights from a police car illuminated the room. A bright picture of Officer Sean Collier stole my focus.

As I walked over to pick up my race packet, the thought of switching my race commitment seemed impossible. “Our strength is in their memories…” the quote on the signs were loud and clear.  I know I can run a half marathon – the strength, heart  and endurance – it was all still there, just as it was the month before. I happily accepted a bib signifying I would run 13 miles.

Run to Remember Finishers! My first race with Marion & Lauren M.

Run to Remember Finishers!

On Sunday morning the Run to Remember start line was beaming with pride for our city and it’s heroes. Dressed in bright yellows & blues, wearing the words Collier Strong or Boston Strong, everyone showed their strength as we gathered to run in tribute for those that dedicate their lives to protect us.  During the race men and women in uniform lined the streets of Boston to cheered the runners on. 13.1 miles later I crossed that finish line feeling stronger than ever.

When and where was your “Run to Remember?” What made it unforgettable?

With Heart & Sole,



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