A September Resolution… More Running & Less “Busy”

31 Aug
A few shots from a perfect summer.

A few shots from a perfect summer.

It’s been three months since my last post… I am ashamed I haven’t posted all summer, especially when there was so much to write about. I guess maybe that is why I didn’t? So much good happened that I never slowed down to write. If I did write, it would have been about so much more than running… my focus would have been on friends, family, work, weekend trips, concerts, engagements, more work, celebrations, good dates & bad dates, more celebrations & a whole lot of travel. With all these things going on of course I still ran. Some weeks I ran less than I usually do. Other weeks all I could do was run to keep my sanity. One thing always holds true though, running is still my time… my time to think, my time to find clarity, my time to consider, my time to appreciate, my time to rethink and my time to hope.

photo (7)

My Crazy Calendar

With just over 1 month until my next marathon my running really needs to ramp up.  My training isn’t what it was for my last marathon.  My last marathon training was routine, Saturday mornings were dedicated to long runs, weekdays dedicated to maintenance runs. This time I fit it in where and when I can and unfortunately, sometimes not at all. I am and always will be a “busy person.” My mom consistently asks if I ever slow down (the answer? rarely). This summer was busy and (I think) that’s just how I like it. But I finally learned that mayyyyybe there is such a thing as too busy. Today marks the first day all summer I made no plans, except to run (ok and to catch up on work). I am spending the day by myself (something that never happens – except when I work from home and then I am usually on the phone). This also means I finally “slowed down.”

Today I realized how much I really do need to slow down. This summer I made some decisions that, while not intentional, hurt people around me. Not only that, I slipped up on my Chicago Marathon training (not to mention the lack of fundraising I have done for it), I am behind on work, I have many friends I still need to catch up with and a laundry list of “To-Do” items that will take months to finish.

Time for a change… my goal is to better manage my time, my calendar and my training runs – and to write about it all! Tomorrow is September 1st. Tomorrow I will wake up, go for a long training run, blog about it, pay some bills and do some laundry, come up with a fundraising plan, relax & then meet my college friends I haven’t seen all summer for a sailboat trip around Boston. Yes, it’s “busy” but it’s a healthy balance of everything I should be doing. That’s the kind of busy I need to be.

With Heart & Sole,



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