Things Do Not Always Go as Planned…

3 Sep

It’s a life lesson we learn and re-learn… things do not always go as planned. With fall upon us I look back at my summer and it can be summed up in three words “best one yet.” In my last post I mentioned (in broad terms) all the reasons why. The funny thing is, this summer started off a lot differently than I planned. It progressed in unexpected ways, the majority were happy but with the happy came a few disappointments. Keeping in mind, “best one yet,” clearly the disappointment didn’t negate a perfect summer. In a similar progression I have been planning (for months!) to perfect my training routine for my 2nd marathon, unfortunately my training routine has been less than perfect. There is so much more I wanted to be doing! In my weekend post I planned out this past Sunday – I would kick September off right with a focus on my marathon training. My day would start with a long run, chores, some work & an evening boat trip with friends. Yea – that didn’t go according to plan either. When things don’t go my way my immediate reaction is varying levels of disappointment (situation dependent). But this is life and disappointment happens to us all, in some way, almost everyday – so we move on and we make the best of it.

Mile 10  (Photo taken by Nikki - No filter!)

Mile 10 (Photo taken by Nikki – No filter!)

As I move on though, I also have a tendency to beat myself up… I ask “what could I have done better? where did I screw up? what if it had gone as planned?” While I want to move on, I also don’t want to just forget about it. I want to use the experience as a lesson learned. This is happening right now as my marathon training is heavy into my longest runs.  It all came to light a week and a half ago. I cleared my Friday night for a 16 mile run. I was excited, it was a beautiful night and I felt ready. The first few miles were great – Nikki and I catching up while running the familiar streets of our favorite city. All was good. Then at mile 10, it hit me. I felt awful and that feeling never went away, it just got worse. My whole body wanted to shut down and stop. No mantra, no mental pep talk, not even the beautiful sunset was serving as a distraction.  Finally after mile 14 I had to accept that my run was complete. Weak, nauseous and feeling defeated I walked (no, more like crawled) the 2 miles home…

On that two mile crawl I beat myself up (I looked like someone else had beat me up). If only had I done more, I would be feeling better and stronger. If only my focus this summer had been more heavily on my training, this wouldn’t have happened. The reality is though – it was a bad run. It was the end of a long, stressful week, there was a lot on my mind, it was my first long run at night and I ate a salad too close to run time. There were so many factors that could have played into why? A few days later I moved on from the would haves / could haves / should haves and mapped out a plan for moving forward.

Our boat trip

Our boat trip

This past Sunday AM I woke up raring to prove myself. I was going to run 10 miles and they were going to feel great. It was 8:00am and I was feeling good, running clothes were on when suddenly my phone aggressively vibrates, beeps, blinks and does a dance across my night stand… “Flash Flood Warnings” it says. Great – there goes today’s plans, I thought. So I cleaned, organized, did some work and waited until the rain let up. I got stuff done, I went on a mildy rainy run and it went very well. The rain cleared up and we had a beautiful boat ride that night through Boston Harbor. My day was not as it was planned, but yet it turned out perfectly – sort of like my summer and sort of like life. Here is to hoping my 2nd marathon has a similar outcome… and if it doesn’t? Well, that’s life.

WIth Heart & Sole,



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