“A Not So Perfect Start to a Perfect Finish” My Zooma Half Marathon Recap!

9 Oct

PR (personal record) – it’s what I thought about leading up to the Zooma Half Marathon in Cape Cod 2 weekends ago. A year before I broke my 2 hour PR at Zooma’s inaugural race in Cape Cod. This year Zooma was offering a special medal for those that got their “Personal Best” time. Zooma 2012 was one of my favorite races – Cape Cod in the fall, by the beach, with my favorite runner friends… could the conditions be any more perfect? Needless to say I was determined to PR again.

I have never been the competitive type. If you read my last post, “How Many Have YOU Done?” you might have guessed that! Well, running has made me competitive with myself in a very positive way. I push myself to run harder, faster, to do better than I did before. So “let’s talk about a plan… we ARE getting a PR!” I said to Stacia the night before. Nikki, the fastest of us all simply said “run with me, I will pace you.” Nikki has been my motivator. We train together, plan the next race together… UM we even share our Jawbone Up activity to see how many steps each other are taking. She just happens to be faster and I try to keep up! Stacia, the friend that got me to run my first race AND my first marathon, gave me that look that said “are we serious, we have a marathon in two weeks!” Yes! With the three of us pushing each other along, we decided a PR was TOTALLY happening.

A Perfect Scene

A Perfect Scene

The next morning we got to the race and the energy was just right, the crisp fall air was warming up, the sun was coming up and the ocean was calm. Everything at the Zooma start line was pretty perfect. The race started and Nikki, Stacia and I made our way through the crowd to get to a steady pace. Not even a mile in I was greeted with stomach pains, cramps, whatever the heck they were, they were shooting and I was miserable at the 1st mile marker. I tried to focus on the perfect scene around me to forget about the major discomfort I was in. While still going at a great pace, by mile 3, I thought, “There is no way in hell I am getting a PR at this point, I don’t even feel well enough to finish.”

Stacia and Nikki were feeling good. They chatted, I listened. Distractions got me through. I took in the scenery (a beautiful route!), listened to two people that have made a huge contribution to my love for running and thought, “it’s just a few more miles.” The distractions were a blessing.

PR Bling!

PR Bling!

Toward the end Nikki kept me on target. She knew I had it, but that last mile was a bitch (I am sorry!  I can’t think of a nicer way to say it)… straight up hill with only one thing on my mind – PR. Sure enough, I got up the hill, crossed the finish and beat my PR by 2 minutes. Now I have some seriously cool bling to prove it!

6 of us ran that day…

1 ran her very first half marathon

1 worried about the half for weeks and killed it

3 got a PR

& 1 was the reason I accomplished my goal

Post Race Party!

Post Race Party!

Sitting on the beach at the after race party with my friends, in October, sun shining with a pretty new necklace (finishers medal) and a medal that read PR was a picture perfect Saturday. Thanks Zooma Nation for once again delivering a perfect weekend full of achievements, personal goals, sunshine and fun. Yesterday at yoga I was a walking, talking (or stretching may be more appropriate) Zooma Ad with my mat, bag & water bottle. All reminders of my best finish and the perfect fall weekend.


With Heart & Sole,



One Response to ““A Not So Perfect Start to a Perfect Finish” My Zooma Half Marathon Recap!”

  1. Nikki October 10, 2013 at 6:52 pm #

    Such a great race!! Can’t wait to kill another one with you guys this weekend 🙂

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