A Spirited Road to Boston

25 Feb

I am training for the Boston Marathon and couldn’t be any more excited about the opportunity to run those 26.2 miles on April 21st. After crossing the finish line at my first marathon, just over a year ago, I knew my marathon running wouldn’t be over until I ran one in Boston. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of my family watching the runners in Boston together on Marathon Monday. The spirit of Marathon Monday is victory, accomplishment and a reason for celebration. For me, it also represents happy days with my dad, my leader.

My Dad <3

My Dad

I am honored to train and run the 2014 Boston Marathon on behalf of the Dick Beardsley Foundation to support, educate & inspire those that fight chemical dependency. Every mile I run is in memory of my father, John J. Hynes, his spirit at the forefront of my mind. At my dad’s wake colleagues and friends shared stories of his leadership and thoughtfulness, but most of all they remembered his spirit. I was overcome with pride that my dad had touched so many.

As I log miles, I realize that sometimes a little spirit is all you ever really need. Marathon training is fun, but at the same time, it’s tiring, time consuming and around here, it’s freaking cold! When you have the best runner friends around you with a smile on their frozen face, encouraging words (maybe with some profanity mixed in) and energy that makes you realize, “we are in this together.” That is some serious team spirit (in a solo sport, nonetheless!!)

At the start line of the Hyannis Half Marathon

At the start line of the Hyannis Half Marathon

Yesterday I ran a half marathon. I felt awful during 10 of the 13 miles. To date, it’s my worst run. I told a runner friend via text last night, his response? “Sometimes the tough races are the most fulfilling when you look back on them.” The race was yesterday, so maybe I haven’t felt it all, yet… BUT, I already learned, he is right. And today I realized that I made it through the run by mustering up some positive energy – thanks to the spirit of my runner friends at the start. They always understand the aches, whine about the stiffness, share an energy pack, discuss the post run bloody mary and are there to trade running gear (because I may have overestimated the New England weather). We may not always run every mile together, but we meet at the start and we meet at the finish and, in spirit, we support each other every step of the way.

There is truly a special spirit among runners. One not easily defined until you lace up those sneakers and join in. It’s that spirit that makes me proud to be a runner. It’s my dad’s spirit that keeps me going, even on the toughest of miles.

My road to Boston is full of spirit. How lucky am I?

With Heart & Sole,



One Response to “A Spirited Road to Boston”

  1. Debbie Hynes February 25, 2014 at 2:56 am #

    Love your spirit, and dad would be too, and I am sure is very very proud of you! XO

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