Bye 2016, Hello 2017!

18 Jan

18 days into the new year and I have an overwhelming feeling that this is going to be a really wonderful year. Sure I will endure moments of disappointment, grief, sadness and maybe even heartbreak (let’s hope not!)… but, hey, that’s life! 2017 will be great because I will not let these moments of negativity tear me down. I am leaving that to 2016.

2016 was tough, and no, I am not referring to politics… or even the sad passing of our Prince (of music) & (Star Wars) Princess (RIP). In 2016, I turned 33. For me this was that pinnacle age that greeted me with all that self doubt talk. At 33 I thought too much about what I “should” be, where I “should” be and the things I “should” have… but why? No one and nothing controls my happiness, that is up to me. I now realize I lost focus of my own personal goals, setting my own challenges and rising to be the best version of myself.
At the end of 2016 I put a lot of thought into a time when I was “the best version of myself.” My mind immediately went to 2014. The year I trained for the Boston Marathon. This blog-post-3was also the year I gained a sister (in law), took on a new professional role that challenged and shaped my career, and stood by two of my very best friends as they said “I do.”

Was it the most perfect year? Not at all, but through it I was happy, healthy and hopeful. Looking at my pictures of the marathon, I was beaming with pride, watching my brother’s wedding video, I was so full of love. Reliving the best moments of 2014, one thing is common, I was a heck of a lot more optimistic.

I missblog-post-4 that version of myself. So guess what? …She’s back… and running the 2017 Boston Marathon to prove it to herself that blog-post-1this “better” version is here to stay.

I am SO excited to share my journey of re-self-discovery through the miles, the motivation and the inspiration that surround. This blog,that I ironically neglected in 2014, will track it all. So stay tuned for more details on who I am dedicated my training to and why! ❤

With Heart & Sole,



One Response to “Bye 2016, Hello 2017!”

  1. Vanessa Carney January 19, 2017 at 6:58 pm #

    Great post. Really enjoy your writing. Good luck!!

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