When “Do Your Job” Means So Much More…

12 Feb

“Do Your Job!” This quote likely needs no explanation… three words spoken by Coach Bill Belichick that soon became a driving force for the New England Patriots and their faithful fans. On Sunday, February 5, 2017 the world watched as history was made; the Patriots did their job in unprecedented fashion and brought the Lombardi trophy back to Boston, just as they had promised. Tom Brady led his team to defy the odds and come out on top, a victory that owner Bob Kraft referred to as the “sweetest one of all.”



As I saw this unfold, I experienced a sea of emotions – from anxiety to disbelief and excitement to a whole lot of pride. As I watched Tom Brady celebrate with his family after the win, I knew what had just happened on the field in Houston was so much more than a Super Bowl victory. After a year of unfortunate events on and off the field, Brady still was able to successfully “do his job.” The New England Patriots put external circumstances aside and held on to their focus, continued to believe, and played with heart – until the very last second. The odds of winning may have been against them, but their determination never failed… And it certainly paid off.

This week was the best week of training I have had since learning I was running the Boston Marathon.  Before this week I was letting external pressures get in my way – work, travel, training schedule, mileage, training speed, weather, prior commitments… it all swirled through my brain leaving me anxious, uncomfortable and wondering, “can I really do this in April?”


Snowy Run

The answer is “I can.” This week I started to work on putting my self-doubt aside and instead focusing on what I committed to do. The success of this marathon will not be defined by the time on the clock when I cross the finish.  Just like the New England Patriots, my success will be defined by the determination and heart I have in getting there. My job is to finish with pride. This pride will come, not just with the training, but through Family Reach, the UNBELIEVABLY amazing charity I am running for (more about Family Reach in next week’s blog!)

In a world that is saturated with media bias, political agendas, drama and useless gossip – what a wonderful thing that a Super Bowl victory by favorite team would refresh my focus and drive my determination. I can’t wait to share more insights as I continue to “do MY job!”

Tell me – what does “Do YOUR job” mean to you?

With Heart & Soul,



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