A Run with Purpose & Change in Perspective

26 Mar

Perspective is what got me through a 21 mile training run yesterday. In fact, “perspective” is what made it one of the most positive long runs I have ever had. It was hard, I hurt, I am exhausted… but every time I am asked how it went, without a second thought my answer has been, “great!” (Side note: I realize I am ridiculously lucky to have so many people in my life truly care to ask <3)


So what happened yesterday? I had the privilege of running 21 miles of the Boston Marathon course. From the start line in Hopkington to the infamous Heartbreak Hill, I was surrounded by thousands of runners, all driven by their own mission. It was charity day on the course, also known as “Boston’s Hop 21.” From Framingham to Newton, the streets lined with volunteers, the intersections guarded by police, the pavement pounded by runners. Everyone was out there with a purpose – one that far exceeds the mileage.

Yesterday I felt a genuinely positive spirit of running, and it completely overwhelmed me.

I went into this weekend a little anxious about everything I needed to accomplish. Initially the training run was another thing to check off my growing “to-do” list. Yesterday morning my alarm went off at 5:00 so I could finish packing for the flight I needed to catch post run. I admit, I was grumpy and truly unsure I would successfully make it through the weekend. I arrived to Hopkington a little unprepared, and very distracted – but yet my crew and I took off running.

It wasn’t until mile 3 that I really opened my eyes. I stopped focusing on the “to-do” list, and instead I took in my surroundings. I mentally captured the smiles given by volunteers dedicating their Saturday to standing in the rain handing out soggy pretzels. I didn’t just read the slogans of the charity teams lining the course; instead I considered their mission and those impacted. I focused on my fellow runner’s costumes, vibrant charity logos, commitment to why they are running, the confidence, the limp in their stride, the smile, the fear, the excitement, the self-doubt… everyone around me was pushing boundaries and breaking through walls.

I was overcome with so much emotion, at the time I didn’t even realize it.

Cancer, peace, environment, poverty, empowerment, healthcare, safety… the list goes on and on… it wasn’t a formal race. There was no “dedicated cause”, but yesterday Boston ran with a whole lot of purpose.

24 hours after starting that run my perspective has completely shifted. We all get so caught up in our day-to-day needs and monotonous routines that we often forget to look at the big picture. Yesterday, the human race (Boston edition) came together to spread a general sense of well-being. It showed me to look beyond my personal “needs” and soak in the greater focus.


We did it!

Of course personal training miles are important and necessary to survive race day, but yesterday’s run was so much more than individual outreach and personal goals. In today’s politically driven world of divide, opinions and beliefs, yesterday’s Boston Marathon course was a common ground for greatness.

Yesterday’s run wasn’t about time, there was no medal at the end… it was about reaching out, helping, giving, showing awareness and making positive impacts through common goodness. A perspective we all need to consider every so often.

Today I started a very full work week and with a lot less rest than I may “need,” but Boston’s spirit of running has provided me with the most energizing perspective.

With Heart & Soul, 



One Response to “A Run with Purpose & Change in Perspective”

  1. Meagan Kelly March 29, 2017 at 2:48 pm #

    Your positivity not only inspires me, but it’s what got me through those 21 miles!!

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